Fitness Motivation- Beginning Your Journey

Please read this article first! It can be easy to just jump right in to the content when you’re ready to make a change in your life. But you need to have a starting point. This is why finding fitness motivation can really help you in reaching your goals. A place you can begin to collect your ideas and develop a why. It is important to lay down a foundation when you’re making a change this big in your life. Everyone has a reason for wanting to lose weight, but not everyone’s reason is the same. Does society or someone you know make you feel like you should be thinner? Or maybe you’ve been told you’re too thin and need to put on weight and muscle. Are you trying to lose weight for health reasons? Are you just ready for a change and want to be more healthy? While reading this article, I want you to think about your why. Why you are deciding to make this change. Make sure it is for all the right reasons.


Self Love

Everyone struggles with self-love at some point in their life. Before you can even begin to make a lasting change for yourself, you have to come from a place of love and honesty. I was in denial for a long time about my weight. I knew that I wasn’t happy about it but in my head I made up a different story. I lied to myself and put up walls. When you live like that it effects all different aspects of your life. I was depressed and unmotivated about things that otherwise would have excited me. I fell into a lull, a boring and monotonous routine that wasn’t leading anywhere. I don’t want that for anybody.

Make it a point to get to know yourself better and determine your why. You should be comfortable with who you are and accept yourself. This may sound weird but if you are in that denial stage or just unhappy in general, then take a portion out of your day because it is time to confront yourself and find out what is you want and why you want it. Stand in front of your mirror, and regardless of how weird it may make you feel, talk to

Talk about your goals, the changes you want to make. Look at your body and notice the places that you want to change. Ask yourself why you want to change that part of you? If you have belly fat and that is the place you want to change I want you to examine yourself and accept that in this moment that is a part of you. You don’t have to like it and it doesn’t have to be there forever. But it is important to be honest about it. It’s your body and you’re in charge.

Before continuing take some time to write down your why. Then stick it somewhere you’ll see it often. My why was: “I want to lose weight because I want to be healthier. I want to feel like I am making the most out of my day. I don’t want to feel like I am lazy. I want to be able to put in work at something, follow through, and achieve a goal. I want to look back through my chaotic life and see how far I’ve come with my weight loss goals. I want to look back and finally say “I did it!”.”


Take Your Time

Sustainable weight loss (weight that stays off) takes time. If you have a hard time focusing and staying motivated on your goals like I was, then try easing into things slowly. Very few succeed when they jump right into going to the gym five days a week and eating salads every day. You make a drastic change all at once and then you hate your life and then you give up. I know.

pitbull-paolo-nicolelloIf you struggle, or know that you will, then work on making micro changes. Slowly start downsizing huge portions of food so your body can adjust with you. If you eat out most nights then maybe say “on Tuesdays I am going to cook something at home that will be a little healthier than what I would have gotten otherwise”. If you hate salad then don’t start out eating salads. Try eating a vegetable with your meal and find recipes that work for you. There are some delicious veggie recipes out there, don’t let anyone fool you!

Same goes with fitness. If you have a sedentary lifestyle then don’t try to over exert yourself. Find something that makes you comfortable and then push yourself just a smidge. A good fitness starter is to simply walk. Walking and getting those steps in can really help you. It’s easy and great to build on. And that’s the whole point. Take your time if it is really hard, find something that you’re comfortable with and then slowly build on it and change things little by little.


Fitness Goals

If you don’t like going to the gym or are afraid to work out in front of other people (me first starting out) then there are lots of other options. You can work out from home, join a sports club, face your fear and go to the gym anyway (what eventually happened to me). Point is you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or what you may already think is the right way to do it.

People lose weight by being active in all kinds of ways. If you like to swim then swim. It’s a total body work out anyway. If you like to lift then power to you! Go lift some weights. If you prefer yoga, Pilates, HIT workouts, boxing, running, playing a sport, what and whichever then great! Do it. Find what you love and make it a part of your life.

Nutrition Goals

It is hard to say which is more difficult to change. Your food habits or your level of physical activity. Maybe they’re the same for some or one is easier for others. Regardless, your nutritional goals first starting out shouldn’t make you hate your life. They should only make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

As I talked about earlier, take your time, make micro changes. There is plenty of time to work on your nutrition. What is important is that you stay motivated and happy with the direction you’re going in. Setting goals and making a plan for yourself is crucial to your success. Lay down a foundation and build up your comfort level brick by brick.

Losing Weight For The Long Haul

There is potential to lose weight really fast. You can kill yourself with a restrictive diet and long hours in the gym. This solution is not forever though. It is temporary and once you start to let up that weight often comes racing right back and sometimes you’ll get even more weight than you had when you started. This is why I believe in micro changes. Does it take more time? Yes. But it will be easier on you, your body, and will help you lose the weight and keep it off. There is no magic pill that makes it go away forever. This is about you, making the changes, putting in the work, and achieving your goals.

I hope this article helped give you an idea about how this site will work for you and how you’re going to start your weight loss journey. Love your self, take your time, and do what you love!

If you want more motivation then check out my social media and strike up a conversation! Ask a question you’ve always wanted to now but never found the courage or right moment to ask.

Best of luck!


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