Setting Weight Loss Goals – Achieving Your Goals

Let’s be honest, setting a weight loss goal can be really intimidating. Sources online can be very misguiding and lead people who are trying to learn in the wrong direction. Firstly, there is no magic pill to weight loss. If we are talking supplements though, that’s really all they are. They are there to supplement your progress and help you along. But there is no pill that you can just take to drop the pounds with out putting in the work. Before you put the mental and physical energy and time into this goal, make sure you find your why. You need to have that driving, motivating voice in your head to keep you going until the end. There has to be some kind of fight and will power to make a change like this in your life. Because it’s not just about your nutrition or going to the gym. It is a lifestyle change, and it’s a tough one.

Setting goals are easy. I set goals all the time. Because what is a goal? An idea, a dream, that popped into our heads and appealed to us. “I want to lose weight”. Right there is a goal, but it’s a really bad one. I could lose half a pound and technically achieve my goal, but I wouldn’t be satisfied and I’m sure neither would you. Setting a goal isn’t as easy as saying “I am going to lose weight”. No, you need to formulate a plan of action. How are you going to get there? What are you going to do? What are you going to give up to achieve this goal? We often think of the things we will need to do or do differently but do we really think about the sacrifices we may have to make to achieve this goal? This is why you need your why. If you don’t have a driving force or passion behind a change you’re making then what’s the point?

Establishing the details of your goal will help you to set yourself up for success. Here is my list for success when setting weight loss goals (or any other goals).

Write It Down

We live in the technology age. A lot of the things we learn about we find searching on our phones and laptops. It’s easy for things to blend together as you’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. I am a huge advocate for writing things down. Especially goals. If it’s important, then it goes on paper. I feel it sets it a part from everything else. Writing it down on paper makes it feel more real, more concrete.

Writing down your goals is incredibly important, in fact, there was a study done by Harvard on some of their MBA graduates. They asked their graduates if they wrote down their goals and only 3% of them did. Ten years later they followed up with all those graduates and the ones that had written down their goals were ten times more financially successful than the other 97% of their class combined… COMBINED. That’s crazy.

There is power in paper I say! I like to write things down on sticky notes and put them everywhere. You can’t just write down your goals and then forget about them. You have to put them somewhere you’re going to see often. On the wall next to your bed, bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, your fridge. Anywhere that you will see it will work and remind yourself of them daily. When you wake up and before you go to bed. Start your day off knowing what you need to work on and accomplish. Then go to bed satisfied at the hard work you put in or know that when you wake up tomorrow you’re going to have to work harder.

Be Exact

If it is your goal to lose weight, that’s great! But it’s also really vague. You could want to lose 50 pounds, but if your goal is to just lose weight then you could lose 1 pound and technically you’ve achieved your goal. It may not feel like it and you may be a bit disappointed but hey, you did it!

That is why you need to be clear and precise on the details. You have to know where and how far you’re going, otherwise you’re just running blindly towards an unknown target. I don’t know how any one could get anything done like that. So for examples, you can say: “I want to lose 20 pounds”, “I want to be 15% body fat”, whatever your case is, write it down.

Set a Deadline

You know what you want and you’ve become crystal clear on what your goal is. Now you need to set a date to reach that goal by. Having a deadline helps create urgency for yourself. Knowing that the time is ticking down means you know you got to get working if you want to reach your goal. Write down the exact date you will reach your goal by and stick it next to your goal. Look at it everyday so you stay motivated. I like to look at all my goals at least twice a day. First when I wake up so I can begin my day strong, and then before I go to bed.

Make a plan

Everything is coming together. Now write a paragraph about your goal, and don’t forget about your deadline. Also discuss what you’re going to do every day to help reach your goal, something you’re going to avoid because it hinders you achieving your goal, and how you’re going to stay motivated. Change is a process, almost always you will have to try something new and give something up. Giving something up was the hardest for me and it will probably be for you too.

If you’re afraid of fizzling out on your goal, don’t give up something that will be too drastic for you. Keep the same, bottom line goal, but adjust the details as you go if need be. For example, if you’re trying to eat healthier and you decide you want to give up sugar but you drink three soda drinks a day. Going from three a day to none at all is going to be really hard and your body is going to be used to consuming all that sugar. It is hard to just out right quit something. So maybe cut back to two drinks a day for a week or two until it feels normal. Then cut back a little more until you’ve reached the goal you’ve set.

Establish Your Why

Now you’ve successfully set your goal! The last thing is to establish your why. Why do you want this goal? Is it for you? Will it better your life? What will it mean personally for you? There is power behind emotion. Figuring out why you want to do this for yourself, or for your family, can be the driving factor between success and giving up. Wherever you go and whatever you do in life, try your best to go in happiness. Love yourself and the journey because it is definitely a hard and rocky road.

The Beginning

This is the start to great things! I hope this list will help you visualize where you want to go and help give you the foundation to get there. Remember that you’re strong. If you’re here then you’re ready for change in your life. You’re seeking answers and guidance. That is phenomenal. There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance for a new path and change in your life. If you have any questions or need help making your list then please reach out to me, I would love to help you! Stay healthy and have fun!


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