List of Healthy Carbohydrates

When you hear the word carbs, you may automatically think of foods like pizzas, pastas, and breads. While these types of carbs can be the most prevalent in our diet and food culture, there are other types of carbs out there that are so much healthier! Carbohydrates today can be really confusing. But once you look into them, they’re not so bad.

So as you can see they’re all pretty different. You may be asking where do these carbohydrate types come from? How do I know I am eating healthy ones? Don’t worry, I¬†will tell you!

Carbohydrates can be divided into two categories. Simple and complex carbs.

Simple: These carbs are ones that your body is able to break down quickly and be used for energy. Naturally they are found in fruits and milk. Otherwise, you can find them in processed foods like white bread, sugary beverages, and more. These types of foods have added sugars and a lack of essential nutrients your body needs.

Complex: These carbs are the ones you want to incorporate into your diet. Complex carbs are unprocessed. They contain natural fiber, and yummy nutrients your body will love.

Here is a list of healthy carbohydrates for you to look at:

As you can see healthy carbs are mainly fruits and vegetables, but the opportunities of incorporating these into your diet are endless. You can still be healthy with grains such as, breads and pastas, as long as you make sure they’re 100% whole grain.

Be creative with your meals! When most people picture healthy eating they imagine chicken and steamed broccoli. While that is definitely a healthy meal, if you’re just starting to eat healthier then chicken and broccoli every night can be hard to adjust too. To start try finding an healthier version of your favorite foods now. They may not be the same but it is a great way to adjust to the big changes you’re making in your life. What are your favorite healthy food hacks or healthy carbs you enjoy at home?


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